Get the best everyday rewards on gas anywhere
Pay with Gasbuddy is the first-of-its kind gasoline savings program giving you a discount on virtually every gallon of gas you will ever pump. Pay with GasBuddy works at stations nationwide, is completely secure and no credit card application is required.
Create a Pay with GasBuddy account or use your existing one and earn CASHBACK in points anytime you fill up your tank at gas stations nationwide.
Every gallon adds up points to get you things you really want. Points are like cash. You redeem them at shopyourway.com to save money on millions of items you need and want.
Earn up to 30¢ CASHBACK in points per gallon for the first 60 days
Earn up to 15¢ per gallon CASHBACK in points on every fill-up after that
Visit GasBuddy and sign in or sign up for Shop Your Way
Sign in or create a GasBuddy account
Set up your new Pay with GasBuddy account
Start fueling smarter
What is the Shop Your Way GasBuddy promotion?
After signing up and connecting your Shop Your Way account, in the first 60 days you earn 30 cents CASHBACK in points for every gallon of fuel purchased using Pay with GasBuddy. After 60 days, you earn 15 cents CASHBACK in points for every gallon of fuel purchased using Pay with GasBuddy.
Do I have to be a Shop Your Way member to earn this offer?
Yes, only Shop Your Way members are eligible for these offers.
Why Provide your Drivers License?
Your Drivers License and home address information allows Gas Buddy to verify your identity. The Pay with GasBuddy program is only available to persons that are 18 years of age or older.
Why Link Your Bank Account?
By linking directly to your checking account, we avoid credit card interchange fees and pass the savings on to you! Your Credentials GasBuddy uses an encrypted token system, which does not store your bank login credentials on our system.
We Take Security Very Seriously
GasBuddy use multi-level security mechanisms including dedicated firewalls and VPN services. Data is transmitted securely using Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.2. Information is stored using end to end encryption and is managed using strict data access policies and controls.
How do I become a Shop Your Way member?
You can join Shop Your Way for FREE at www.shopyourway.com or by downloading the Shop Your Way app. By accepting Shop Your Way member benefits or offers, signing-up or registering with Shop Your Way, or otherwise participating in the Shop Your Way program, you acknowledge and agree to the applicable legal terms for Shop your Way, including the Terms and Conditions for this Shop your Way program, and confirm that you have reviewed the Shop Your Way Privacy Policy.
How do I make sure that I earn Shop Your Way points for paying with GasBuddy?
It is easy to earn SYW points with Pay with GasBuddy. Just go to www.shopyourway.com/gasbuddy. Once you sign up, and link your Shop Your Way account with GasBuddy, you will receive a GasBuddy card in the mail. You can use this card to pay at the pump and earn points.
What can I earn if I am an existing Pay with GasBuddy customer?
If you are a Shop Your Way member and an existing Pay with GasBuddy user, simply link your Shop Your Way account and choose to earn SYW rewards within your Pay with GasBuddy profile. You will then earn 15 cents per gallon CASHBACK in points for every gallon of fuel purchased using Pay with GasBuddy.
When will I see my points?
You should see your points immediately, but the points may take up to 24 hours to post.
When do the points expire?
The points earned from this promotion are valid for 60 days.
Is there a cap on how many points I can earn with Pay with GasBuddy?
You can only spend up to $75 per day or $300 per week using Pay with GasBuddy, which will ultimately limit the number of gallons you can pump and therefore earn CASHBACK in points per day and week. Rest assured, you will earn CASHBACK in points for all gallons pumped using Pay with GasBuddy.
I have both a Pay with GasBuddy account and Shop Your Way account, why am I not earning points and rewards?
Shop Your Way members must first link their Shop Your Way account to their GasBuddy account before they will begin earning points on fill-ups. Link your Shop Your Way account by clicking on “Upgrade Your Savings” in your account in the Savings tab of the GasBuddy app or by visiting www.shopyourway.com/gasbuddy
How do I know how many points I have earned?
If you are a member, you can log in to shopyourway.com and check your Account Profile to see the total points you have earned with Shop Your Way, including any points earned on the GasBuddy offers. You can see how many points earned through GasBuddy within the ‘Savings’ tab of the GasBuddy app.
Can I redeem Shop Your Way points on my fill-up?
No. Shop Your Way points can only be redeemed where Shop Your Way points are accepted. They can be redeemed at Kmart, Sears, Lands’ End, Sears Auto Centers, and shopyourway.com.
Can I get points for my previous Pay with GasBuddy fill-ups?
No, program benefits only begin once your SYW account is linked to your Pay with GasBuddy account. .
Who do I contact about issues or concerns about my GasBuddy account?
You can access an online support form at https://help.gasbuddy.com/hc/en-us/requests/new.
Who do I contact for questions related to SYW points or linking my Shop Your Way account to GasBuddy?
By Phone:
Contact the SYW Member Care Center
Available 7 AM-11 PM CT, 7 days a week
Member Care Center (800)991-8708
VIP Hotline (800)990-5427

By USPS Mail:
Shop Your Way Member Relations
3333 Beverly Rd
Hoffman Estates, IL 60179